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What we are learning with Prof. Sasaki.

kenkyu19_2We, all together as bachelor 4, master 1 and 2 students, are working on a Harajuku, Cat Street Project that aims to provide new public spaces design along the street for local people. Moreover, to achieve that aim most significant actions that students have done with the leadership of the Professor Sasaki, are to work with local people, to talk with them and listen to their problems and wants about their living environment, and after all, to propose a spatial design that answers their needs and wishes. As a student who has an urban planning background, this kind of approach (participative urban design) and working environment (focus on local people and environment) are some of the most impressive features of the laboratory for me.


Unique learning opportunities at I-AUD (International Program in Architecture and Urban Design) 

In I-AUD program, which is a 2 year English conducted master program, we have focused on both architectural and urban design issues in a more international environment. There are more than 10 international students who come from the United State, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, China and Hong Kong. Moreover there are also some exchange students who came for 1 or 2 semesters from France, the United States, Germany and Singapore too. In this program, we have done many different kinds of workshops with different international universities and we have had the chance to visit different countries. For example, last year as a student of Professor Sasaki's Studio in I-AUD, we went San Francisco and made a workshop with University of California, Berkeley and worked on UC Berkeley's Campus Design project. Other countries that the students have had the chance to go to are Bangkok, Shanghai, Paris, etc. Other than these kind of opportunities that we have, there is a warm and enjoyable study environment in I-AUD Studio with all local and international students and professors. Japanese students are so helpful to internationals about the problems that they are facing with in studio, even in daily life. Professors are so understandable and their guidance and comments on projects are so helpful. As an urban design student who has no architectural background, this program really helps me to gain an understanding of 3 dimensional and human-scale environment. As an international program I-AUD is a successful English conducting program for foreigners who wants to come to study in architecture and urban design in Japan.


Article writerMs. ALP TUGCE,I-AUD (International Program in Architecture and Urban Design) ,Graduate School of Science and Technology 


As an international student from Turkey, graduated from Middle East Technical University (METU) department of city and regional planning, I am doing my master program in I-AUD (International Program in Architecture and Urban Design), Meiji University. I attend the Laboratory of Professor Hiroyuki Sasaki which is one the laboratories that focus on urban design issues at the same time with architectural matters.

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